Kitchen Renovation



Project Description

Location: Wallingford, CT
Year Completed: 2020

This customer experienced an flood emergency and called ConnReno. We arrived shortly thereafter and diagnosed the reason for the sudden water damage to be a line break with the customer’s stand-alone ice maker. It caused significant damage throughout the kitchen and dining area. We first utilized our mitigation equipment to prevent further damage and to remove the pooling water. The moisture in the existing hardwood floors was extensive and required complete renovation to prevent mold and other harmful substances from affecting the homeowner’s family including their young children. The customer had been planning to renovate their kitchen cabinets and island for quite some time and this event was the opportunity to upgrade their kitchen while remedying their flood emergency. ConnReno was able to save the customer a significant amount of funds by refinishing their existing cabinets and made them look brand new. These savings allowed the customer to hand pick marble countertops and new intricate and decorative subway tiles.