We are a family owned, Connecticut based fire restoration company.

ConnReno is the only known fire damage restoration company in Connecticut who solely handles fire losses. We are a family owned and operated company with many satisfied customers across the state. Whether it be emergency services the night of a fire, to content cleaning, smoke mitigation, or the complete rebuild of your home, ConnReno does it all!

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Sharon, Wallingford CT

Jessica, New Britain CT

Kathleen, Cohchester CT

Frank, Waterbury, CT

Lauren, Branford, CT

Paul, Waterbury, CT

Amy, Meriden, CT

Anthony, East Hartford, CT

Fran, Westbrook, CT

Very Professional

Very professional, neat and the quality of his work was phenomenal. The materials that he used were excellent quality unlike the other projects we hired others to do, ConnReno was quick to tell us the vendors they use for Cabinets, granite, fixtures, it was not some hidden ordeal and they don’t use home depot!  Great company and Im very very happy!

Debbie C., North Haven, CT

I’m beside myself

Today I’m beside myself, after 4 long months my wife and I moved back into our home after having a fire in April. Our home is absolutely stunning! The staff at ConnReno held our hand when we needed it the most, we trusted them with everything we had, and it paid off big time! No out of pocket, they truly gave us our life back. I can’t ever thank you enough, it’s rare for someone in this world to tell you “just trust me, and it will all work out in the end” and it actually work out as stated! – your friends for life! –

Mike T., Milford, CT

catastrophic fire

My significant other, and I used ConnReno for a catastrophic fire in which we endured last summer. I cannot express my gratitude towards this company enough, the way they handle their customers you feel like family. As much as you have to understand, the company needs to make money, you don’t feel like it at all along the way, and the results are amazing. I thank you for the bottom of my heart

Brian T., Weatherfield, CT

credit where credit is due.

I just want to take a moment to give credit where credit is due. These guys have one of the hardest jobs anyone could even imagine. When one thinks about needing a contractor after you’ve experienced a fire to your home, it seems like an easy task to find one… well your wrong. The specifics around navigating through your insurance, trying to deal with a mortgage company, limited time in a rental, or just dealing with the over all loss in general its very very overwhelming. I met the ConnReno team the night we had a fire to our home in ********* I’ll be honest… anyone running out to meet you on the street the night of a fire doesn’t sit well, but after deciding to work with them because I just wanted needed someone to board up my home, was the best decision I ever did! After that night, the following morning I was called to a meeting at their office in *********** by the owner Brian. I showed up reluctantly… after sitting down for 45 mins he had my business, the guy is as honest as they come, and has a heart of gold. He make a few promises which he kept and a few things I wanted he told me flat out where “probably” out of the question, well he delivered on those as well! Picking the right contractor is VERY VERY important and Ive come to realize Fire Restoration is not the same at Home Improvement, if you want things to go smoothly… you need to hire someone who is a Specialist. Im writing this review today to thank my Builder and his team, you have a friend for life! PS and thanks for being a therapist for the last 8 months as well 🙂 * *****

James W., East Hartford, CT

Excellent outfit we’ve interviewed “many” organizations before selecting one to do the reconstruction on our home in **** which had a fire 6 months ago, ConnReno was the only one that was apparent from the moment we went to their office that “we had to have them”, they just have their **** *ogether for lack of words. I really is like a breath of fresh air when you see the way they handle your project. I don’t know what more to say other than they CARE. The owner is very accessible if you have any hiccup along the way and project manager is OCD to the point he was correcting this at the end that we didn’t even notice or care about. This company has my trust, my only gripe is you have to have a fire to use them lol, they won’t just do regular construction 🙁 only fire reconstruction.. but thank you guys and Merry Christmas

Marcus & Robbie,. Terryville, CT

recommendation from a builder

My kitchen nightmare happened last (June/July) we came across ConnReno on a recommendation from a builder friend of the family that knew the owner of ConnReno. Either case, my kitchen was destroyed from a grease fire which left my husband and I in a hotel for almost 2 full months before ConnReno got involved. After meeting with Brian and team, they quickly took control of my loss, met with my adjuster and quickly turned around our nitemare! We now have a brand new BEAUTIFUL kitchen and living room and it was fast, and zero out of pocket! Thank you guys so very much! Sorry it took so long to leave this review, I was cooking from the holidays and it got me thinking I would do it out of appreciation:)

Phyllis W., Bristol, CT

Worst times of my our lives..

August 2023 was one of the worst times of my our lives.. not only did we experience a horrible home fire which destroyed the home I grew up in as a child, but also lost our family dog. The night of the fire there was so many people at our house, trying to sell us, trying to help us, it was VERY overwhelming… we elected not to go with ConnReno at first because of a family member who knew someone who worked at another company which was on scene the night of our fire ****** ***********… this isn’t a review for them so I won’t get into it, but (stand clear is all I will say). In either case, fast forward a few weeks and its time to start work, this is where things fell apart with ******, we started looking around for a replacement.. I googled and seen ConnReno, I quickly make an appointment and met with the owner and what was to be our new project manager. I expected to hear them out and interview a few others, what I didn’t expect was to sign on that day and hand them over a check, I was so excited I found the right fit that I didn’t want to wait! (I truly love these guys and what they did for me and my family). Everything they promised me was 100% accurate and the things on my “wish list” which I was told not to expect, was done without an extra charge! My house is back to normal and looks absolutely beautiful and I couldn’t be happier. I 100% recommend ConnReno and their team, truly a class act!

Frank D., Hartford, CT

They Saved My Home

These guys saved my home, I will never forget it! After a home fire, I cared very little about anything other than a few items that were passed on by my grandmother, ConnReno must have spent countless hours saving these items, when my insurance company wanted to give me peanuts for them!

Jennifer A., Hartford, CT

Absolutely Recommend

Absolutely recommend. Brian stands by his work but is also laid back and approachable. The workers during the project were polite and respectful; this stood out to me as I was home alone a lot with just my kiddos. Plus, my dogs thoroughly enjoyed hanging out with the guys during the day, and there are pictures to prove it. (Sorry Lou, I knew he ate your sandwich more than once)!

Courtney H., Cheshire, CT

Our House is Better than Ever.

Absolutely unbelievable experience with Brian and his team at ConnReno, my wife and I went through one of the most horrific of things “House Fire”. When Brian arrived on scene we were quick to jump to the defense, however moments later it felt as if 100s of salesmen arrived, Brian was the one we selected to go with. He actually gave my wife the jacket off his back in the pouring rain (25 degree weather) and the long and short…. we couldn’t he happier, a few months later our house is back and better than ever. NOT A DOLLAR OUT OF POCKET! Thank you so much!

- Mike W., West Hartford, CT

So Happy with Their Service

They answered all my questions, were patient, helpful and did a great job from start to finish. They are pros & clean up was great and they completed the job satisfactorily and never charged me more than the original quote. I was so happy with their service that I’ll be using again to remodel my daughters home as well! Brian is a true gentlemen.

Benny M., Meriden, CT

Excellent & Honest Communication

Professional and high quality work. Excellent and honest communication. They were extremely helpful in designing solutions for our project and completed it earlier than expected. A pleasure to do business with.

Susan M., Cheshire, CT

Very Pleased

This was my first experience with a major home renovation. The ConnReno team did a great job. Brian was especially attentive, answering all my questions and going the extra mile to manage the process efficiently. The result was a lovely new home! My husband and I are very pleased. Would recommend for sure!

Virginia K., North Haven, CT

High Quality Work

I hired ConnReno and his team to finish my home after a disaster took place, Connreno handled the whole project professionally and efficiently. High quality work. Excellent communication, including providing updates on work progress. They finished the work on schedule and did a good job of cleaning up. The price was somewhat higher than average but it was still excellent value for money. I would definitely recommend them and at the end of the day I was still not out of pocket a dollar!

Cressida L., New Haven, CT

Couldn’t be Happier

I had a major fire in my home, and with the amount of water put on the house from the Fire Department it caused over 500k in damage. The insurance company was ready to write me a check for 170k before ConnReno showed up. I couldn’t be happier with the service. Brian is so transparent, his crew is clean and respectful, and I my house looks like a designer build… and didn’t cost a penny!

Vinny T., Wallingford, CT

200% Satisfied

ConnReno did some work at our home & we are 200% satisfied. Brian got the job done timely & within budget, great eye with decorating suggestions too!  These guys obviously are a leader in their trade, if I was unlucky enough to have to go through this again, there’s nobody else I would even consider.

Bernice L., East Haven, CT

Attention to Detail & Care

Brian was highly recommended for our fire damaged kitchen. Within a very short period of time his team were on the property managing the situation while clearly explaining the steps that lay ahead. The ConnReno team handled every aspect of restoration and the insurance company with attention to detail and care. Can’t offer enough gratitude for the exceptional work you did moreover, getting our lives back to a normal.

- Michael C., Wallingford, CT