Immediate 24/7 Fire Mitigation Services

ConnReno provides damaged homes with immediate steps they require to recover from devastating fire, smoke and water damage. ConnReno will stop further damage with industrial air cleaners and dehumidifiers to remove water and structurally stabilize your home. Fires can result from a variety of sources, our on-site mitigation experts will asses the damage and provide solutions to reduce any risk for further damage.

ConnReno utilizes water extraction devices, dehumidifiers, HEPA air scrubbers, negative air machines, dryers & air movers as well as the equipment to winterize your home.

Here is just some of the equipment that we will bring on-site to your home when you have experienced an emergency.

Sahara Pro X3 TurboDryer

Dri-Eaz Sahara Pro X3 TurboDryer is a three-position commercial-grade blower that delivers efficient drying of floors, walls and ceilings.

Stealth AV3000 Airmover

The Dri-Eaz Stealth AV3000 is used to ventilate dust or fumes and dry structural wood, paint or texture coatings, grout and adhesives, and more.

Velo HEPA Kit

This allows ConnReno to convert our airmovers into air scrubbers. This equipment is used for general in-room air scrubbing to remove particulate and to improve air quality.

DriTec 4000i Desiccant Dehumidifier

This dehumidifier is perfect for dense materials like hardwood floors, plaster, brick and stone. This humidifier captures large debris, traps small particles, adsorbs odors and resists microbial growth.

1200 Portable Dehumidifier

This dehumidifier reduces humidity in basements, shops and is perfect for home renovation projects. It can remove up to 18 gallons a day.

HVE 3000 Flood Pumper

This flood pumper pulls high volumes of water from floors, carpets and pads and can remove 50 gallons per minute.  ConnReno uses this machine to remove standing water fast and efficiently.