3D Scanning for Fire & Smoke Restoration

3D Matterport data platform provides the most comprehensive documentation and accurate measurements for your claims and risk engineering operations. With this new innovative technology there is no need for hundreds of photographs, measurements, and written statements with 3D walkthroughs. ConnReno can provide comprehensive loss documentation in an indisputable single source of truth.

What are the advantages of using Matterport?

  • You can get a complete record of your home’s condition.
  • ConnReno can get an accurate inventory of personal items and other assets within your home
  • ConnReno can help reduce discrepancies and disputes with your insurance carrier.
  • ConnReno can help expedite the entire claims process, reducing the need to provide documentation or receipts in some instances.

Xactware Software

ConnReno uses XactRemodel which is a powerful tool that gives us the ability to estimate a job with 3D views of a home before and after the estimated work is done. You can take a 3D walk-through of the planned work before we start the renovation process.

What are the advantages of using Xactware?

  • ConnReno can accurately draw and scope structures, roofs, and decks which will help you visualize your renovation
  • ConnReno can show you your existing structure and the proposed remodel as a floor plan or in 3D
  • ConnReno can accurately estimate plumbing, insulation, HVAC, and electrical modifications. This ensures that there are no surprises during your restoration.