Why immediate board up and security services are important

Fire fighters often make holes in doors, windows, roofs, and walls in order to gain control of the fire. Once the fire is out, the action to safeguard your home is critical. ConnReno works directly with your insurance company for the billing of these crucial steps.. Once the fire is out you need to immediately board up the parts of the building that are exposed to the elements, so quick response is critical. ConnReno maintains a fully-stocked emergency board-up vehicle that’s ready to roll on a moment’s notice to board-up and secure your home.

  • Boarding up windows in a fire damaged home requires skill, training and experience and ConnReno’s emergency response time has the skills necessary to secure your home promptly and efficiently.
  • ConnReno’s Emergency Response team will be on site to assess your dwelling and begin the safeguarding process.
  • Some roof damage may require tarps to prevent further damage from outside elements such as rain and/or snow.
  • Most fires are accompanied by water damage in addition to smoke damage. ConnReno has the equipment needed to begin the drying and/or water removal immediately to prevent further damage to your home.
  • ConnReno works directly with your insurance carrier for billing purposes which means no out of pocket for you as the homeowner.