What is Content Restoration and why is it important?

Content restoration is the process of thoroughly cleaning all of your personal belongings that have been damaged after a disaster. Content restoration services are just as important as reconstruction, because it includes everything you have in your home. Our specialists will thoroughly clean your precious belongings, electronics, artwork, and more with our high grade cleaners and machines. ConnReno will remove your possessions from your home under your discretion and bring them to our secure warehouse. Each item that is removed from your home will be cleaned, inventoried, and packed up securely for safe storage. We know your belongings are very important to you and we treat them as such.

Here is just some of the equipment that we utilize to restore your personal property.

Ultrasonic Cleaners

ConnReno utilizes ultrasonic cleaners to remove smoke and soot from contents damaged in a fire. These highly specialized restoration machines allows ConnReno to restore your personal property. Insurance companies prefer using our surgical grade ultrasonic cleaners because of the thoroughness and ability to save a higher percentage of priceless heirlooms and avoid larger total loss payouts.

Ozone Chambers

We also utilizes specialized ozone chambers to clean-up and treat a wide variety of contaminants such as harmful gasses, odors, and bacteria.

The Content Restoration Process

On site pack out


Moving & Storage

Clean items