Project Description

Location:   Wallingford, CT
Year Completed: 2019

This customer had a severe emergency in their basement. Their sewer line was clogged and created a disaster in their basement. ConnReno quickly assessed the situation and used various specialized machines to remove the contaminated water and debris from the home. This included commercial-grade blowers and air movers to ventilate the fumes. With the vast array of mitigation equipment that ConnReno brought to the scene we were able to remove the standing water fast and efficiently. We then worked with the homeowner to renovate their basement complete a new bathroom, a new media center and new carpeting. We used our in-house design team to modernize the basement and use the supporting poles as decorative structures instead of being an eyesore. Since ConnReno can handle an emergency situation from beginning to end, the customer was very pleased that they only had to work with one company to resolve their emergency as well as to renovate their basement in just a few short weeks.