Flood Restoration



Project Description

Location:   Wallingford, CT
Year Completed: 2019

This customer was on a weekend vacation and came back home to a flooded kitchen and called ConnReno immediately to help. We quickly assessed the situation and found out that a pipe on their water boiler was corroded and was leaking during their trip. This caused severe damage to their hardwood floors, drywall, the boiler and their kitchen cabinets. We quickly used specialized machines including air movers and flood pumpers to remedy the situation and then we worked with the customer to renovate their entire kitchen. Once we installed their new boiler system, we put up new drywall. Since this customer had an open floor plan we needed to work diligently to match the kitchen renovation with the existing living room design. We designed and installed new custom kitchen cabinets, granite countertops, new carpeting and new drywall. We were able to turn a tragedy into an opportunity for an upgrade and this is exactly Connecticut continues to choose ConnReno for their emergency mitigation and renovation needs.